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Guess who’s currently obsessed in playing Tamagotchi? Yayyyy…err, of course, it’s me! LOL.

Currently I’m running 8 at the same time – sounds crazy, I know! Haha. And I have two or three coming Tamagotchi’s I think. I realized how troublesome this is because having one isn’t really fun, there’ll always be a need for another because of special gifts and connectivity – much like Nendoroids. I think I dwell on too much hobbies and they’re really time consuming!!! Haha.

Well anyways, here’s Mametchi.



He’s currently on my yellow Tamagotchi P’s although honestly, I was aiming for Toratchi. I guess I need to take care of my teen better next time and just enjoy time with Mametchi for now.

As most of you know, Tamagotchi also has an anime (or is it anime(s)?) I haven’t seen one though, and they’re probably targeted for younger audience but I’m thinking of checking it out soon, so maybe I can understand my babies better!

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A secret dream

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After being too much of a fan of animé, I’ve come to a secret dream of becoming a voice actress of an anime when I was younger – however, we all know how impossible that is for me right now especially since I barely know Japanese (just a few!) but like they say, a girl can dream.

I’ve been thinking of getting the recording microphone at Musicians Friend because maybe if I try to learn Japanese, or practice, or maybe in English, I can become a voice actress!

Oh well, I can try at least. Let me tell you, I say I am qualified if I could just join some work shops. Hmm..but most of all it’d be so much fun to fulfill this dream. Sigh..

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Life lately!

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So how’s life guys?

January’s over and I haven’t blogged, nuh-uh, not even a bit! Well, life’s really been busy, most especially with cleaning and house chores at home…me, doing house chores?! Yeah, so not me! But I have no choice because I want tend to have OCD these days whenever I see places unorganized or messed up.

That said, I’d really like to make an update soon! I think the last anime I watched was Occultic;Nine so I’ll make a review for that in the coming days (hopefully, if I don’t over sleep?!) then I’ll be finishing Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me!) and maybe try watching Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai where I left off (I stopped because I really can’t stand harem but I’ll try, after all, I got all of the nendoroids of this anime already!!!)

I’ve also came to drop by to update this blog to the latest WordPress, they tend to update a lot these days so I had to update everything. I wanna squeeze in making a new layout too, I REALLY WANT TO!!!!! Ugh, I wish I was more good at time management so I can do this boo!

So, that’s for now! And a happy February to you :)

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