Kimi No Nawa

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It’s hard to find good anime movies that are truly heart-felt and full of emotionsSo when you find one, you just can’t miss it! Just like how it was with Kimi No Nawa, another great one from CoMix Wave Films, same company that worked with 5 Centimeters Per Second. Translated in English, Kimi No Nawa means “Your Name?” which is a very important line to remember.

Kimi No Nawa

Kimi No Nawa

Two people find themselves connected to each other through their dreams for some mysterious reason and decides to make the best out of it. But what happens when it stops just when they’ve feel comfortable with each other?

Get ready some buckets, because this 9/10 movie will give you some intense feels. Not as much feels as 5 Centimeters Per Second, but still!

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Koutetsujou No Kabaneri

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One of the recent anime that was completed that I really liked is Koutetsujou No Kabaneri (also referred as Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Unlike most anime, this is the first anime that I watched that wasn’t based off a manga series. So, I feel very sad that there’s just so much to know more after the ending! I guess all I have to do is wait.


Its story takes on the trending case of zombies but with a much more thrilling adventure. Like Attack on Titan this series focuses on fighting for humanity and freedom to live normally – as they have lost this due to the influx of Kabane (zombies) taking over cities. People had to resort to relying on train transports, and even had to live in them just so they can stay alive.

Fortunately, there are those with strong faith such as our main protagonist, Ikouma.

Ikouma, used to be a normal human like everyone else. In a strange and accidental event though, he almost got killed by a Kabane – thus resulting to him becoming a Kabaneri (half human, half Kabane)

Ikouma, a Kabaneri who aims to bring back the freedom to live as a normal human, without Kabane worries.

Ikouma, a Kabaneri who aims to bring back the freedom to live as a normal human, without Kabane worries.

He also discovers about another Kabaneri named Mumei, who was infused with a Kabane‘s blood intentionally (unlike Ikouma)

Mumei, another Kabaneri.

Mumei, another Kabaneri.

Together, they try to find the pieces of life into finally winning back the lives of human race, or will they?

Here’s the trailer that I found in Youtube, already this video gives me so much feels.

Overall, this anime is a 10/10 for me. So excited to know what happens next (if ever it gets S2)

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Something different

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Lately, I see myself too attached to the anime industry. I guess, I have myself to blame because for some reason I drown myself in it, buying merchandise, watching non-stop ’til sun rise (yeah, more like, watch ’til you drop!)

Just trying to calm down, y'know?

Just trying to calm down, y’know?

I’ve neglected my other favorite things in life, such as, my passion for music! I’ve taken note of it so many times to update my music play list but I always end up putting this note at the back of my mind so its priority is set to last.

The best drum set at guitarcenter.com reminded me of that though, that along with catching up with some anime watching, I need to do with something musically as well. And here, I’m thinking of that ‘something’.

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