Mcdo Burger

Mcdo Burger

One of the disadvantages or cons of wanting to lose weight is giving up the access to your favorite foods. I read this in an article that chances are, that one of your favorite foods is adding up to your daily weight (since you probably want to eat it as much as you can). Mine wasn’t so hard, but yes, I do miss eating my favorite food which is the picture above – Mc Donald’s Burger!

Since they are very known as high in calories and other elements that make people gain weight I have to chose not to eat it for a while. Although I asked Christian to buy me one this week. Hehe.

The thing here is, most of our favorite foods which are snacks are usually more affordable compared to expensive salads that make us just focus on what’s affordable – so we chose fast food. So often! But I don’t really go out anymore plus it’s a hassle ordering online because of the place we’re currently staying at, I don’t even know if my mails have already been here or what :(

Moving on, what’s that favorite meal you miss the most at this moment? :)

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