So, I just checked – it was waaay back March. Can you imagine how long it has been? I didn’t think didn’t seem like it..or it’s just that blogging and me are just no longer how we used to be *cries*

That said, let me tell you how my ~anime~ life has been:

To be honest, I’ve only finished a couple of anime this month! I probably have as well last few months but I usually don’t end up finishing them like Kiss him, Not me (Watashi ga Motete Dōsunda) and Konosuba because I tend to get lazy afterwards. Although I’m currently watching Boruto faithfully.

Guess I’ll updated later with those – I just wanted to drop by here and also update the blog :)

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Creating music

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When creating songs and musical sounds I am most amazed at how the composers or artists come up with their master piece. Who isn’t? It’s even more interesting how they end up with such marvelous works. Just like how it is with art. Well, music has art anyways from the start.

That said, I’ve been checking neumann u87 available at Musicians Friend because I was thinking of giving it a try, making music or a song of my own. Sounds wonderful isn’t it? I just need the right tools, right guide – and of course, passion!

Hopefully, one day I am able to write a song that will touch a million hearts.

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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! or Konosuba is the last anime I’ve watched (and haven’t completed). I’ve been seeing it on my Facebook feeds a lot, even recommended by long time animé fans so I decided to check it out, fortunately my boyfriend also wanted to re-check (he says he’d seen it but didn’t really enjoy much)

However, upon watching he changed his mind. It was really funny! LOL. At first I was very hesistant as well, because it looked like another harem anime – but it is not, in fact, it seems main character guy doesn’t care much with the girls other than them being his important friends. And there’s a reason to that…

I also thought of watching this since I did get Aqua nendoroid, I say I regret not getting Megumin, especially after I found out it was voiced by my favorite VA, who voiced Taiga from Toradora (lately, I’ve been getting second thoughts because Rie Kugimiya’s voice seemed very identical to others) and I really like Megumin more than the other girls :s

Hope to get to watch the rest and then also get to watch season 2!

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