I  got even more excited of my Nendoroid Purchase at Hubbyte Toystore after I watched Steins;Gate’s latest movie. And finally I was able to get them last week. Imagine my happiness when I finally got them. Thank you so much Sir VT! Until my next purchase :)

I took this picture with my Starmobile Astra so quality isn’t as good as the Note 3’s but the cuteness is there. Okay? Hehehe. I haven’t played with them much though since I’m still pretty tied up with stuff here and there. [Picture removed because of Facebook URL thing update on images]

I got to say, Hubbyte Toystore is really awesome! They truly handle your items with care that in fact when I got my items, boxes were covered in plastic. I was told they were stored in a dusty place so they wanted to make sure they were safe and clean no matter what!

Hubbyte Toystore’s VT also communicated with me as much as he needed to so we were able to meet up on time! It’s just that I was so excited so I was 3 hours earlier (plus the fact work ends 3 hours earlier that our agreed time)

I will definitely shop again with them next time! Fortunately, I have already talked to my sponsors for my coming birthday. Yiheee! I’m so excited!

If you want to shop at Hubbyte Toystore here’s their Facebook Page where you can find loads of anime awesomeness!

They also have an eBay profile, it’s where I actually first found them! So go and shop now!

Anyway, more pictures to come but some are already here in my Tumblr account.

IMPT UPDATE as of 10/5/15

I don’t think I can still recommend this shop, well, they still operate and in fact have become a GSC partner but replies has been very bad lately (spans up to 1 week or more). They’re apparently often ‘busy’ because their team also has day jobs and they join tons of events lately/cons so replies are always delayed. While I understand that, I think it’s hard for a customer and would make a customer worry if replies are given AFTER A WEEK or maybe EVEN LONGER. This is based on current experience. I even had to order something myself from AmiAmi due to them ignoring my email if they can get it for me. Sadly.

I still do think they deliver but not so much as before so expect delays..especially with replies I guess – and maybe if you are one of their customers who got their membership card or if you’re a new customer.

Regular customers will have to be tons of patient, tons.

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What are the simple things that make you happy? Valentines is coming so gifts for that special day is surely going to be trend. However you plan your gift I hope it sends your special message of love to your special someone.

As for me, what I love more about Valentines is getting handmade gifts – letters mostly. I’m planning on trying to make something sweet but handmade for my special someone too although it sounds quite impossible since cooking and baking isn’t my thing (well, at least not yet even if we have an oven)

I heard my cousin will get a cowbell for her boyfriend on the other hand. I could also just buy something but then again I feel that there’s more effort in making a handmade one.

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Released in April 2013, Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà vu follows the Steins;Gate OVA. And we thought it was finally over during the OVA! But it was just a teaser perhaps?

Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà vu

Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà vu

First Impressions:

I was very ecstatic when I found out about this movie as I was really impressed with the series. It may be very old, but its art is not really that “old” – what I mean is, they’re really like new anime shows of today.

As for my first impression of this movie, it was a bit surprising as in this movie, Makise Krisu is more of the hero rather than are usual Okabe (mad scientist).


The story continues after the last time Makise Krisu met up with everyone in the lab in the U.S. However, this time she explains to Okabe that somehow she believes Déjà vu is a form of Okabe’s Reading Steiner. Okabe starts getting misaligned with the Steins;Gate world as he starts to recall different events he went through of different worlds thus, he is lost and fades away in the current world. While Makise tries to bring him back, he tells her to just forget him as he fades away (seems to no longer exist) just as the others did because he doesn’t want any time machine to be invented or anyone to time leap anymore – knowing there’s so much pain to go through for every bad result that can be ended with.


We all though the cheesy ending for Makise and Okabe was “it” but there was so much more. Although, as I’ve read in a forum I’ve dropped by that had this as a topic – this movie is pretty much just a little bit of twist and nothing more. It focuses on emotions and not the sort of “facts” they did before. I do love how that little “addition” played its part well, you’ll understand once you’ve watched it! It’s a 9/10 :)

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