Baka and Test!

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Here’s a very late review of Baka and Test. I finished watching it about one or two months ago. Not really sure how long it has already been but anyways. What can I say?

Baka and Test!

Baka and Test!

Baka and Test for me, is not that much but is also a fun anime. It focuses on the story of high schoolers who just want to enjoy their lives and pass exams in a hard core way because they need their Summon Beasts to excel in school. Akihisa Yoshi a young boy with great spirit together with his friends and classmates in Class D face troubles ahead to reach their goal to beat Class A, and finally get a decent class room.

There also twists of love stories happening with the characters and silly characters such as Hideyoshi Kinoshita who looks like a girl that everyone is so in love with him and won’t accept he’s a guy. Then there’s funny Yuji with his love story with Class A’s representative.

But overall I give this anime a 7/10I would say its targeted to be watched by high school students and elementary students as well but I can still relate with some situations. I guess the story didn’t just linger in my mind that much compared to the other ones I watched recently.

Before anything, Baka means idiot and in the story Akihisa Yoshii is being referred to as the “Baka” by the principal so often – even if actually he has skills. This was derived from a light novel  by Kenji Inoue, with illustration and character design by Yui Haga.

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  1. abe says:

    Nadine! Nabasa ko ‘to sa Otaku Zine. Hmm.. 7/10? Try ko panoorin din. Dami ko pa nakapila e. Ano pinapanood mo ngayon? Napanood ko na Code Geass! :)

  2. owl princess says:

    Great review! :) Happy Birthday admin! :)))

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