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Haha. Well, I’m still thinking if I will do the 30 day shred today. I was thinking of having a break. My body has been aching for straight three days :|

As for the Sacred Heart Diet, I totally give up! Yesterday, all I ate was soup and a little of cucumbers. I was really sick. Then Christian kept on buying sweets which were really tempting me *~* Of course, I won against those temptation but when I woke up 1 am, I was really starving so bad. I didn’t prepare the soup because me and Christian had a feud. So I wanted some watermelons. To my shock however. the sliced watermelon mom bought last Monday were spoiled! I was so disappointed. But I didn’t gave up, I decided to throw it away and have some grapes instead which she also bought. It was good until I saw the bananas. Supposedly, I don’t eat any of them until my 4th day. Today is supposedly my 3rd day. I quit, so I ate some bananas (3) and had a little of Nutella over it which by the way, is no longer available in our house *n*

I also drank lots of water. I think too, that it was the right decision. I haven’t seen any progress with the diet despite the fact that I have been doing it very religiously. With others, they already lost 3-5 lbs. (as I’ve read) So there really is something wrong, right? I think it’s not good for me. I was also getting bad headaches. Oh well, I guess it’s either I continue with the exercising or keep on avoiding too much sweets. I declare this day as a cheat day, I’ve been goody goody too much with eating. But I am proud to say I can live without rice now :)

Anyway, I’ll post again later or so – I’ll be doing laundry for now.

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