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After contemplating on whether I should watch Code Geass or not, I finally finished it last month. Sorry for my last post, I know, I know, I’ve got so much catching up to do that my to-posts are becoming longer (you can see it at the right side).

Code Geass: Lelouch x C.C.

Code Geass: Lelouch x C.C. {(c) fanpop}

Let’s talk about our main character who is also the enemy in this story, Lelouch Lamperouge a.k.a ZeroHe was an exiled prince now living peacefully in Ashford University. He’s intelligent, but he seems to feel something is wrong with all the things happening – especially that Britain is continuously controlling people with their evil ways. He seeks and he is given the Geass after meeting this girl called C.C.

First Impressions:

I couldn’t watch this at all for about two times. Since I had no interest in anime with robots (except for Vandread) I thought it would somehow be like Gundam and the likes. I didn’t like the art as well because to me, they seemed too tall, but I guess since this was an old anime it was like that.


The first season wasn’t really much, the second however will make you awe. Code Geass is about tainted lies of families, friendship and all about believing. We just want the best for the people we love but there are just sacrifices need to be made – this is what you’ll get while watching this anime.


The ending really brought me many “feels” as they call it. I find it hard to accept but things go that way I guess, for the peace and better life everyone wants. You can never know who the real hero is, unless you know who’s behind that mask that hides him :)

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