Because one of the blogs I drop by had “peach” in it, I suddenly remembered an old anime which I used to love as a little girl. It was called Wedding Peach but I’m not sure if it was its real title. There was probably a Japanese name for it.

Wedding Peach

Wedding Peach

In this anime, teenager girls were given a wedding accessory which make them transform into brides that have amazing magic to beat evil who tries to conquer the world. Of course, seeing its theme you probably guessed that it has loads of love story as well.

I guess I liked this anime before because as a little girl, we all dream to find our prince and be a beautiful bride – not to mention awesome magical powers. But then, as you grow up you realize getting married has never been easy.

Have you seen this anime? It’s nice for little girls but when I think of it, isn’t it ridiculous to be fighting and going in action in your wedding dress? I guess so.

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6 responses to “Flashback Friday: Wedding Peach”

  1. OMG i remember wedding peach! Yoske is the main guy right? I love this show. Thanks for the refreshing flash back. :)
    Angela Ricardo recently posted…Top Jewelry Trends for 2013My Profile

  2. I’m not really into anime but I am fascinated by how detailed everything is.
    Angie Vianzon recently posted…Ababu Persian KitchenMy Profile

  3. Kath Rivera says:

    When was this anime aired? I’m already in my 30’s and can’t remember this anime episode. Hope I can watch it too. The photo looks cute :)
    Kath Rivera recently posted…Random Giveaway WinningsMy Profile

  4. Dhadha says:

    I’m not a fan of Anime, pero si hubby supper addicted. Will let him know about this, but hindi ako sure if magugustuhan nya, pang girlaloo eh. Hahaha! Btw, I’m more into asian dramas. Bahala na kahit matulog ng super late as long as matapos yung episodes. LOL :))
    Dhadha recently posted…4th Babypalooza Bazaar + ZYJI GiveawayMy Profile

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