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As mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve fallen in love with anime shows that have mystery and dark stories. While it’s sort of creepy it’s also interesting because there are more twists in stories of anime shows like this – let me introduce to you, Higurashi Naku Koro Ni.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Also known as When the Cicadas Cry, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni is an anime about highschool students living in Hinamizawa town as they welcome a new student named Keichii Maebara. Unlike other schools, they have only one class and after class they have a club wherein they play sorts of games for fun. They are composed of quirky characters, Rika Furude, silent but cute type, Reina (Rena) who loves cute things too much, Mion club leader and class representative and  Satoko the trap master. Together, even if they live a somewhat peaceful life in Hinamizawa things always never get boring, yet until..

Keichii Maebara informed by Oishi a police investigator about the strange event that is yet to come, and most of all, Oyashiro-sama’s curse. Things get freaky at this point and Keichii starts getting scared even of his own friends. What is the story behind the Oyashiro-sama?

First Impressions:

My boyfriend, as usual, recommended me this. But it’s funny how he never actually finished it. Anyway, my assumption on the first episodes was that it was your cutesy anime because of the drawing style of the anime. They don’t look like your serious type after all, but then, as the story progresses it reveals many things that aren’t really cute. Imagine me surprised!


Game Club Team!

Game Club Team!

There are different arcs for Higurashi Naku Koro Ni but basically the story is about the people of Hinamizawa. Quite honestly at some point you will get frustrated because there’s something wrong with every new “part” of the story, something repeating, but afterwards we get to understand what’s the purpose of the repeating scenarios (opps, sort of spoiler!) After that you’ll get the essence of watching the said anime, it’s full of mystery yet rewarding to know the reason behind all that wicked mystery.


Up to this point, the “Higurashi Feeling” is still on me that I’m bugging my boyfriend to watch it so I can also watch again. I couldn’t just forget how beautiful this anime was presented in so many ways, it was confusing yet very amazing. To me this is a 10/10!

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