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Being at home is suffocating. I mean, if you are always at home. I think it’s been almost three weeks that I’m here at home and not going anywhere – the last time I went out something bad happened :(

But it’s also I feel lazy. I spend my days sleeping, cleaning here, cleaning there. My favorite part is washing the dishes then doing laundry! Unfortunately, I might not be able to do the laundry this week because of my wounded fingers. Huhu. I just started doing laundry last week because normally mom does our laundry. But I had my clothes separated from hers so I can start learning to be responsible…in a way, since I don’t want to work yet. I also does hers.

Anyway, so much for those blabs at home. I meant to say, I want to go somewhere relaxing and fun! I’ve been checking this hotel online. Can’t seem to find anything near our location though so too bad. They seemed to be awesome hotels to stay in. So, what do you think?

I really want to have fun but I’m always left at home. And what’s makes it worse is that I’ve been used to having someone accompany me in places I go! So, I’m stuck. Oh well, maybe this kind of attitude and routine of mine will change!

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