I want a new kitten :(

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Don’t get me wrong, I love Nightfury – but I’ve been watching a kitten for so long. All the ones I adopt end up in heaven unlike how I was able to keep Putims. Mom says it would be another stressful responsibility aboard but to me, my pets really make me happy and relaxed. Having them pretty much makes your bad day and whenever the world seems to be against you, talk to them and you feel better. Agree?

Cute Kitty!

Cute Kitty!

So, I started my day pretty late – and browsing pictures of this online pet cattery called “Pinoy Munchkins” as I’ve been watching out for a munchkin kitten (like I could actually buy lol). And then afterwards, as usual googled where I can buy munchkins because I really want one :(

But they seem to be very rare here. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter what kind now – I just want one to be able to be inspired and to cuddle someone so small. Nightfury is too heavy, but I still very much love him :)

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