Because I couldn’t get the time to watch my to-watch list of anime, I just read mangas instead. I haven’t read a new manga for a long time.

Kimi ni Koishitei desu ka (May I love You?)

Kimi ni Koishitei desu ka (May I love You?)

Not everyone are blessed with an angelic face and especially with Ruiji! With his scary eyes everyone around him is thinking he’s a delinquent, bad and mean. Deep inside however, he’s a gentle soul. Will he be able to finally prove to everyone his heart is pure and not scary at all?

First Impressions:

I was fascinated with this manga because he looks very similar with Ryuji Takasu, who also bears scary eyes that make other people think he’s a bad guy. I wasn’t disappointed after finishing all of its available chapters (but in fact, I feel bad because there’s no more!)


Chigira Ruiji, a man with a face of a “demon” is often mistaken as a gangster and a delinquent. He’s always alone and he wants to get out of this same path. One day, he finally meets a girl who smiled at him even if he was scary – and thus, he began to like him. But how will he be able to let her know about his true feelings? Chigira Ruiji tries to do his best into hoping he’ll get the love of his life.


If you’re familiar with Kimi ni Todoke you will notice the plot of this story is somewhat very same with it. Also, Chigira Ruiji’s personality is the same with Sawako‘s because he’s scary yet he’s so pure. He’s also very much like Toradora’s Ryuji so I guess all Ryuji/Ruiji’s are like that, scary on the outside but very gentle on the inside.

The manga still has a long way to go, given it only has 5 chapters up to now. I’m hoping it’ll stay updated though unlike the others that stop at some point. The story has got something that will make you want to read and continue knowing what happens next with Chigara unlike disappointing Watamote.

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