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I know it is a crime to not blog on time because there’s that tendency to forget the most important details of a post you wanted to make – so, I’m very sorry!!!

Anyway, I’m back with my review for Magi which I have mentioned previously (to be precise, some few weeks ago). After that very post I finished the said anime.

Alibaba, Morgiana and Aladdin

Alibaba, Morgiana and Aladdin {c} shpintv.com

First Impressions

I honestly didn’t take this anime seriously because of how weird famous names of famous stories have been combined – Aladdin, Alibaba and Sinbad. When I was a child, I kid you not – I thought these were same people of different story versions. Why? Because they wore the same costume. Let’s take that aside though because what made me interested with this story at first glance is the magic genie Aladdin possesed which they call “Djin” in the story and knowing that there’re great adventures lying ahead.


The story is mainly not just about friendship but also courage to face what lies ahead at all costs which was portrayed by king candidate Alibaba. It also gives you the impression that “faith” truly exists in a person if he or she will do her best no matter what, with or without magic.


This anime captured my heart because of the magical turn of events, the action and the challenges they face. I admire Aladdin and Alibaba for the friendship (and Morgiana too, of course) and simply because there’s that factor with this anime of “wanting more”. Unfortunately, it’s not yet “finished” as season 2 is said to come this fall. I’m excited! Yes, 10 of 10!

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