I’ve always been interested with anime that had something to do with “time travel”. This is why I got hooked with Mirai Nikki. While they don’t have your usual time travelling ships or utilities they do have their “future diaries” that let you know what can happen beforehand.

The Future Diary {animevice.com}

The Future Diary {animevice.com}

First Impressions

Mirai Nikki, with this title I didn’t know that actually meant “The Future Diary” really surprised me. I thought it was your usual high school love story anime. I guess that’s because of how pretty Yuno is and how timid Yukiteru is. But I was immediately hooked upon knowing each episode would leave you wishing for more, knowing there is actually that “more”


There are those who are chosen to possess a “future diary” which is in their mobile phones. These chosen people are to play a death game and whoever survives becomes god. While Yukiteru doesn’t really want this kind of game, he has no choice but to play as well and try his best not to die, will he make it? Aside from that, meet Yuno, his new discovered stalker who has a future diary of what he does every ten minutes – but wait, there’s more, Yuno is not your cute girl next door because she can be very deadly.


I hate how much of a chicken Yukiteru is and I love how Yuno made this anime so much better than your usual anime. It’s like the anime version of the overly-attached-girlfriend. I give this anime a 10/10 because for each episode you are puzzled making you want for more even up to its very end. Their OVA is out, but I’m not really sure if that’s an OVA or just a tease. Sigh.

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  1. Sukidesu says:

    […] After Mirai Nikki, I really wanted to try more “psychological” themed anime and it seems Another has done its job to my mind. For every episode, I was really scared, I was really intruiged, and I couldn’t wait to switch to the next episode. I’d skip the opening and ending song (they’re bad spoilers and they make you wait!) So it’s a 9/10 for me. Well, not 10 because I wish for a second season, there’s this feeling of wanting to know what will happen next to the new class 3-3. […]

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