No to Egg Plants!

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No to Eggplants!!!!

No to Eggplants!!!!

I tried to eat boiled raw egg plants today because apparently one only has 35 calories. However, it seemed more when I ate it I got sick of it so quickly, that I detest it now. Maybe it’s suited if you have vinegar accompanied with it or it could be because I already ate so much broccoli.

It’s also weird because the boild raw egg-plants I ate had some sort of oil. I’m worried :-S It’s because mom cooked some last night and placed it next to a fried food *_*

Oh well, needless to say I didn’t eat the other two I cooked and only ended up eating half of it. I assume these egg plants mom bought aren the mutated ones of some sort. I feel very full every now and then for some reason D:

But I still weigh 122-125 lbs.! I used to weight 146 lbs, but I did the 30 Day Shred like I have always blogged – not on consecutive days, but when I didn’t, I did stuff around the house and I guess it helped that I no longer ate rice. I do miss eating rice, and well, Mcdo Burger. Meh =/ I’m trying out something new at the moment, so notice I care so much for the calories. Hopefully, I’m doing it right =)) I’ll post about the 30 day Shred tomorrow too.

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