A secret dream

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After being too much of a fan of animé, I’ve come to a secret dream of becoming a voice actress of an anime when I was younger – however, we all know how impossible that is for me right now especially since I barely know Japanese (just a few!) but like they say, a girl can dream.

I’ve been thinking of getting the recording microphone at Musicians Friend because maybe if I try to learn Japanese, or practice, or maybe in English, I can become a voice actress!

Oh well, I can try at least. Let me tell you, I say I am qualified if I could just join some work shops. Hmm..but most of all it’d be so much fun to fulfill this dream. Sigh..

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Life lately!

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So how’s life guys?

January’s over and I haven’t blogged, nuh-uh, not even a bit! Well, life’s really been busy, most especially with cleaning and house chores at home…me, doing house chores?! Yeah, so not me! But I have no choice because I want tend to have OCD these days whenever I see places unorganized or messed up.

That said, I’d really like to make an update soon! I think the last anime I watched was Occultic;Nine so I’ll make a review for that in the coming days (hopefully, if I don’t over sleep?!) then I’ll be finishing Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me!) and maybe try watching Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai where I left off (I stopped because I really can’t stand harem but I’ll try, after all, I got all of the nendoroids of this anime already!!!)

I’ve also came to drop by to update this blog to the latest WordPress, they tend to update a lot these days so I had to update everything. I wanna squeeze in making a new layout too, I REALLY WANT TO!!!!! Ugh, I wish I was more good at time management so I can do this boo!

So, that’s for now! And a happy February to you :)

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Hello hello hello!!! Been awhile, I’ve been watching a few anime shows lately so I thought I should blog again. Recently, I finished watching Saekano: How to raise a boring girlfriend (the usual way! Yep, in a DAY) due to influence of a friend after we heard one character from it was going to get a nendoroid soon. As you know me, sometimes, curiousity peaks in! So, what can I say?

Saekano: How to raise a boring girlfriend

Saekano: How to raise a boring girlfriend

{crdts: saekano.com}

Honestly, I’m a not a fan of its genre. I felt like watching just because rather than getting glued to it. I’ll give it to you though, I enjoy the characters’ development, most especially our heroine Megumi, Kato (who is going to get a nendoroid soon! I think she truly deserves it more than the characters)

I actually gave it a try because my friend told me it wasn’t harem. Yet when I watched I was like seeing her as a clickbait lol. In my opinion, this is harem. I mean, girls flocking over a guy is definitely one although each character have their own special episodes which emphasize their relationship with the main character.

Overall, I’d say this anime is a 7/10 for me. I guess it’s just not my type. Season 2 is around the corner and while I didn’t like it that much, I think I’ll still watch just to see what happens with Megumi, Kato because she always leaves you wanting to know more about her!

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