In our country, we don’t experience snow. But we do experience extreme cold weather! It’s really bad at times that we can get sick with colds for many weeks or so. To tell you the truth though, cold weather is my favorite because then, that means Christmas season is in!

But there are days you’d like to stay warm and unlike in Japan, we can’t just curl up with our Kotatsu or so (even if I badly wished so) Fortunately, I discovered about Hotronic Foot Warmers | CozyWinters. This will definitely help you keep warm and cozy!

It’s also ideal for elders as they are pretty much covered, we all know how it gets hard for them as their bones aren’t as sturdy as youngsters as. And you know what’s cooler? You can bring this warmness everywhere! It’s on foot after all.

Well, whatever is your favorite weather, staying warm is a must if you really feel cold! You can get sick if you disregard that, and having these nifty foot warmers is nice!

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Lazy Weekends

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For some reason, during weekends, I can’t get up early as much as I want. Always, I end up waking up at 12 PM or later. I wonder why it’s like that? I want to do so much!!! But one moment, I try to clean our sala and boom! It’s already 3 pm. I haven’t even had breakfast or lunch. Oh well. I guess I’ll end up like this again.

My Weekend Plans

My Weekend Plans

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Himouto! Umaru-chan

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Hiya! It’s been awhile ~

Anyway, I’m currently loving this anime called Himouto! Umaru-chan. Sadly though there are only 2 episodes as of the moment

Umaru loves Cola!

Umaru loves Cola!

The story is about two siblings living together – Umaru’s oniichan shares his mishaps and love for his cute sister who apparently is a popular girl in school, looks like a celebrity, an A+ student, almost perfect girl. Well, while that sounds good. When at home, Umaru is the exact opposite, said to be lazy, spends all day watching anime, eating or playing games which becomes a headache to him!(oniichan)


Actually, I decided to watch this out of curiosity after its nendoroid was opened for pre-ordered, and now, recently its release was moved to September from August (they say it could be because too many ordered or so?) It’s also a good set of nendoroid (Umaru) because she’s cute!! Terribly cute and she has tons of accessories with her, well, let’s put that aside and have that on my Nendoroid blog :P

That said, I find this anime really cute and fun despite the fact I hate sis-con type of anime (I didn’t really like Oreimo that much) and I’m looking forward more! Might read the manga sometime as well ~ Maybe. For now, enjoy this and get some cora, chips and chocolates

Umaru Umaru Umaru Umaru Umaru Umaruuuuun~

Umaru Umaru Umaru Umaru Umaru Umaruuuuun~

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