Our ink’s about to run out and here I am, wondering if I should get a new one or just go for a trade printer. These days are pretty busy so I don’t really have much time for it :(

Printing blues.

Printing blues.

One thing’s for sure though is that I need to do something about for me to be able to print some stuff I have to print soon! Oh yeah, but time won’t allow me. So sad.

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I stumbled to this manga called Hinamatsuri, thanks to Kissmanga recommendations! Hoho, and its a with a silly plot and a set of characters.



Hinamatsuri by Ohtake Masao is about a gangster who, one day, is given the responsibility of taking care of a little girl who possesses kinetic abilities. She (Hina) came out from a sort of bottle that fell unto Nitta’s head (gangster). From then on, they have been making adventures and misadventures as a daughter of a gangster and as a gangster turned dad.

First Impressions:

This manga is very nice because it’s more about fatherhood and about a helpless child who once taught all adults were meanies. After all, she finally found someone who will take care of her despite her carelessness. As a parent, one will really do their best for their child, right? At first, I did actually think it was a sort of love story but one thing is for sure, the first time I read its first chapters I was smiling to myself (because I wanted to laugh over how funny the story was!)


Hinamatsuri is a bout a gangster who becomes a dad one day, not because of an estranged relationship but because of weird set of events. Hina suddenly appears out of nowhere, in a bottle-like figure (which is actually some kind of strap-jacket I think) and she asks Nitta to let her out. When he does, crazy things start to happen and Nitta’s life is totally changed!


While this manga is still ongoing, don’t feel so bad! What I got after reading the last updated chapter was this “good feeling” of contentment. Every chapter is a different story in their lives that will surely make you laugh, sympathize and inspired. It’s also full of strange situations that will make you be amazed of Nitta, of Hina and the rest of the cast. I wish it has an anime! Maybe someday it will have one.

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It’s not anime all day all the time. I also like doing other things and perhaps new things whenever I’m free. It makes life a little bit more exciting, don’t you think?



Currently, I’m wanting to try the buffet clarinet at music123 although I can’t get a hold of it right now. It seems exciting and tough – thus, challenging! Besides, it reminds me of  Spongbob’s Squidward Tentacles!

Music is my alter-favorite after anime and in fact I used to play the guitar during high school years – yeah, the teenage drama years I suppose. We all have that part of our life, eh?

How about you guys? What fun things do you like to try out especially this Christmas break?

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