Shopping blues..

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I think I’ve been shopping lately but not for myself but for others, it kinds of make me feel bad. I want to buy new sets of nendoroid soon too. Originally, I planned to buy as soon as new year came but I still couldn’t due to personal problems and all.

My friend already got his roland amplifier, I envy him. I’m thinking of pushing through my nendoroid shopping by this week or next week. Hopefully!

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Took off a few days from work because I was very sick with fever, colds and coughs :| To make myself slightly better I watched Code Geass: Akito the Exiled which I downloaded the week earlier..

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

This side story takes place after Suzaku gets hold of Lelouch Lamperouge (a.k.a. Zero) somewhere between R1 and R2. As usual though the “geass” had something to do with all the violence happenning. Meet Akito, an eleven who works for the Europia, who is very skilled in fighting skills and when uncontrolled goes mad as if controlled by a geass.

I think there’s so much more than just a story with this one and there’s so much more untold, our favorite Zero and Suzaku also appears but only for a short time and it’s as if Lelouch is controlled of some sort (probably by his father’s geass). I’m looking forward a 3rd episode of the OVA though.

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It’s Christmas Time!

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Despite the fact that my vacation started this last week’s Friday, I wasn’t able to do any online stuffs at all. I wanted to take longer sleeps and keep my mind off work and online errands.

While that’s good, I’m aware that I can’t escape that long. True enough, when I checked my emails this morning I was stumped of how many they were already!

Yet, I think I can put them off for another day. I’m excited for it to be 12 am! So we can finally open the gifts under our Christmas tree. Heehee, it’s my first time to have a Christmas tree at home. I wonder if I’ll get any kustom amp because that’s on my wish list!

For now, Merry Christmas everyone!

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