Christmas Toycon 2014

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YAY! Today is the first day of Christmas Toycon 2014. Unlike last June though, I’ll only be attending for a day which is tomorrow. It goes on from today until Sunday. Plus, this time, I’ll have to join the long liiine I imagine there will be for the tickets because I was not able to buy tickets beforehand. Originally, I already had in mind I wouldn’t attend but I have to pick up my Rikka Takanashi from a store who’ll be having a booth there and my loving parents gave me allowance to do so *w* ~Happy Dance!~

Aside from that I was told our 13th month pay will be getting in by Saturday. Although I told myself not to overspend because I still have to pay for tons of other nendoroid toy figures ~_~

Another exciting news is this, http://www.musiciansfriend.com/strings/elixir because it’s awesome for music lovers like me and you >w< Well, til then! Stoked about this Christmas Toycon this year and I hope my partner will be as well :)

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HOWWWWWWDY. Sorry for being MIA for really long. I still watch anime (like I always say) and I still will, I’m just taking my time enjoying some other hobbies because the computer really makes me…sleepy?

Haha nevertheless, my favorite watch recently:

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Ren!

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Ren!

It was aired last April or so though, but I just found out about it last week. TT_TT.

Kyyaaaaa! Nose kiss <3

Kyyaaaaa! Nose kiss <3

I’m soooo in love with Rikka and Yuta. OTP!!! Well, see ya!

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No anime no life XD

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I just realised, I haven’t watched any anime lately *~*

I wonder if I should go watch any tonight or so. I feel kind of down lately =,= Good thing though, I think it’ll be a good day tomorrow. I think so, and I’m hoping nendomeow.com will propagate soon. I wish I had known 1and1.com had issues with domains.

On the bright side, dad is home for a few days ~(n_n)~

But I still feel sad about not getting Komari Nendoroid Petite.. T_T

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