So finally, my favorite toy store online (Hubbyte) announced the winner for their contest. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. Huhuhu. But it was a fun experience. I remember when me and my boyfriend were trying to do a scene just for the contest.



Since it’s our first time I’m not really confident of winning but just instead hoping. Hehe. Then again, this really got me interested in nendoroid photography. I need to work on getting more ideas though, practice and also get more collections! This is going to take awhile but I’m really excited and happy to find a new hobby. Until my next nendoroid photography contest I guess?

Just edited this recently :)

Just edited this recently :)

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Time to go~

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My Mac Book Air is at 17% yet here I am trying to push through with my online errands. My host is also going down and up which is really irritating. Fortunately our Globe DSL seems to be finally okay (I think). I was told there was a schedule for checking it though, tomorrow which I asked to be moved on Saturday. I need to call my dentist that I’ll have to move my appointment to next week’s Saturday so..

These days remind me of how I want to buy boss db-60 metronome at guitar center to cheer up. I feel really bad right now I think, too much sleep? Lack of sleep? No. I think I’ll watch Detective Conan again to sober up.

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Haiyore Nyaruko-san is another slice-of-life anime that I watched recently. I really enjoyed watching it for its amazing humour and fun characters!


Haiyore Nyaruko San!

Haiyore Nyaruko San!

Haiyore Nyaruko San is about godesses, aliens and humans – how do they interact with each other? What is done with illegal aliens and such. Nyaruko, a quirky nyarlathotep girl comes to earth in able to protect a young boy Yasaka, Mahiro. Later on Mahiro finds out her mother was a hunter of the likes of Nyaruko. Will they be able to live a peaceful life?

Overall, there’s still season 2 for my final say – but I really like about how funny this anime is although there’s nothing too much deep in this story. It’s just your usual high school blues about love, friendship and yourself. I give it an 8/10 though because I really laughed with myself literally because of how funny their lines were.

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