AnoHana Live Action

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I, unfortunately couldn’t find the trailer anymore (that, or I’m just lazy). I recently watched AnoHana Live Action to see for myself if it’s any better than the tear-jerker anime version.

The story is very much the same except I guess, there were more feels in the anime version that they still could not capture. They changed the climax part.

Anohana Live Action

credits to {mangaforever.ne}

However I have to say, they’ve done it OKAY with the actors. They act good (they really should I guess, so this puts a lot pressure). Some things I wish they did do is, to change Menma’s hair to white as it is in the anime. It was pointed out in the anime that Menma felt like an outcast at first due to her having a different color of hair – although I guess it looked too unrealistic.

While they remove some parts from the anime, nothing much of it was vital – but again the climax changed a little bit but this changed so much for the emotions. It might also be a factor that I’ve seen the anime too many times.

I must say though unlike the Shingeki no Kyojin “live action” I dare not ever remember, this was a good rendition! I’m looking forward watching Orange now, from one of my favorite manga that will also make you cry buckets.

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It’s the first time I have a ‘late gift’ problem. Since I was too broke to buy any gifts last Christmas, my Christmas gift shopping starts only now.

I’ve been checking out the hound dog which my boyfriend might want being that he wants to own a new musical instrument after not having his own guitar for a long time.

Although it is late, I hope they appreciate the gifts I get, after all, better late than never, right?

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Moe Girl Café

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Currently into this game called Moe Girl Café! You get your favorite anime characters (well, not all but some) and run your own cafe. The characters that visit are also anime characters such as Tsukiko, Levi, Lelouch, and so many others. It’s too fun to resist to play!

Screencaps from my game ^_^

Screencaps from my game ^_^

It’s actually thanks to Princess Diaries’ owner, Abegail that I found out about this. It’s a must for those who love anime and who dreams to run their own café!

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