Sacred Heart Diet Day 1

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Yesterday was my Sacred Heart Diet Day 1. And the rule was to eat any fruit (except bananas). Cantaloupes and watermelon are lower in calories than most other fruits. Eat only soup and fruit today.

Cantaloupes * Apples, nom!

Cantaloupes * Apples, nom!

I ate apples and cantaloupes the whole day. It was okay since these two are tasty fruits but it was really torturing because for breakfast, I cooked hotdogs for Christian then he cooked fried rice. Then on afternoon, my grandma stopped over to visit and had pancakes. In the evening, mom made some asian salad of some sort and she was making me eat it – and I felt bad for not trying just a little :(

Anyway, I’m glad I succeeded! I haven’t felt any changes yet though – after all, it’s just the first day. It’s also my 2nd day of 30 day shred but I didn’t sweat a lot as much as last Sunday due to Christian being around (he was laughing, huhu) and Globe called for my Gcash Card, Christian picked it up for me but I was still disturbed anyways. LOL. Oh well, I suddenly woke up 1 am, that’s why I decided to blog. I feel terribly sleepy though and thinking if I should blog on my other blogs. Hmm..nah, maybe tomorrow, along with my personal blog’s layout :)

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