Sakurasou No Pet Kanojo

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Some people are truly gifted and lucky to be – however, just like everyone else they have their issues in life may they be super geniuses or that talented artist we know. It’s normal, we are all of the same kind after all. We are all human that have feelings and problems in life.

Sakurasou No Pet Kanojo

Sakurasou No Pet Kanojo

Sakurasou No Pet Kanojo is about extraordinary teenagers staying in a dorm called Sakurasou. While they seem to be geniuses and everything special, people always think the people living in the said dorm are weird and not normal.

First Impressions:

Initially, I thought this movie was more about a girl and a boy. But it’s not just that because it’s also about everyone in Sakurasou. I actually got interested in watching it as one of the main characters, Mashiro is being compared to Toradora‘s Taiga Aisaka.


We first think here that it’s just another girl and boy story – especially because Sakurasou No Pet Kanojo in English is “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou” but it actually isn’t although it somehow describes the situation of Sakurasou. Its more about how people who we think are geniuses cope up with their lives. Like us, they deal with friendship issues, school issues and even love life. Their normal people contrary to the thought we’ve always had that they’re weird.


This anime may sound surreal because the characters are way beyond human belief but it can happen. United, they definitely make something wonderful – not just amazing discoveries but even friendship. No matter how “weird” they seem to be, they have hearts and these hearts can also reach out to everyone in some way.

I must say though the way the characters drawn in this anime is really good, while the characters are surreal it also points out some things about reality. One is such as that if you have a friend or someone dear to you who is known for more talents than you, at some point, you’ll feel small – you’ll feel as if they’re on a pedestal. In the end however though what prevails is the goodness of the heart, it’s better we embrace who they are no matter if we may not be as good as they are in the things we do. What matters is how we are as a person who accepts our own failures and who welcomes people around us true to our heart. Overall? It’s probably a 8/10 for me because I was expecting a more boy-girl story then again, it had bits of it. Season 2 will also be nice!

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  1. Dhadha says:

    This is interesting! Might suggest this to my hubby kasi super hilig nya manood ng Anime, ako mostly mga Kdrama pinapanood ko. Hehe. :D

  2. I need more animeeee please haha!
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