For most brides and grooms, selecting wedding colors is one of the fun parts of planning a wedding. The selection of wedding colors should happen very early in the planning process so that all of the wedding stationery matches the flowers, dresses and decor and the colors coordinate.

Many venues have strong colors already on the walls and other decor. If the place you are planning to hold the wedding has colored decor it is important that your wedding colors don’t clash with the existing colors. Using these colors in your decor helps to draw the room together and make the venue look elegant and sophisticated.

Some brides choose their flowers, personalized wedding invitations and wedding colors based on the season their wedding will be held during. Winter weddings lend themselves to rich jewel tones and darker colors such as burgundy, deep purple, silver and gold. Spring and summer weddings are more suited to light and bright colors including whites and pastels. Harvest colors work well for fall weddings. Buying flowers in season locally is usually less expensive than having them shipped in. Looking at flowers that will be in season during your wedding is another good way to choose the best colors for your wedding.

Use the Color Wheel
Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a color that will complement the wedding color you have already chosen for your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. Using the color wheel is a good idea because you can choose either shades that are next to each other on the wheel or shades that are across from each other and know that the colors won’t clash or look odd.

Make it Unique
No matter which colors you choose, remember that it is your wedding and the hottest colors for celebrity weddings may not be the best representation of you and the colors you love. It is a good idea to try out several different combinations of colors before making your final decision. Sometimes colors that you like by themselves won’t look good in combinations. Always remember that the choice is yours and you don’t have to choose colors because they are someone else’s favorite.


Bio: Jessica Goodman writes for Bride & Groom, a leading online retailer of wedding invites and personalized wedding stationery.

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