It’s been already 3 weeks since I watched Shingeki no Kyojin also known as Attack on Titan. It’s currently the new hot anime everyone’s talking about (almost like Naruto, or maybe better!). Thanks to my boyfriend who made me watch this a few months ago (can’t exactly remember when that was) I had a marathon of it until episode 12.

Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin

First Impressions:

I thought it was pretty brutal because that’s how my boyfriend described it to me. I just finished watching Mirai Nikki at that time. I imagined samurais killing big people. Apparently, Attack on Titan is something really impressive – it’s modern yet it’s not overrated. I mean, how cool is it to have your own Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear and kick Titan to the moon! I don’t like Eren though, he’s a bit childish even the first time I already wanted to get rid of him, but Mikasa is the bomb!


Basically, there are humans and then there are Titans which we refer to big humans but the thing is – they don’t have brains, they just go on eating humans not even knowing they shouldn’t actually feed on them. Their gender is also unknown.

In the past, they built a wall to protect themselves against these titans however on one unfortunate day (oops, spoiler!) a Colossal titan attacks and the attack of the titans begin. Humans need to fight for their lives, along the way however, so many secrets are discovered on to what the connection between human and titans are.


Just by typing this, I already miss watching it! Although I was a bit frustrated because they’re starting to have fillers like Naruto according to other fans (since, I’ve stopped watching for 3 Sundays). I’ve read the manga already as well so I’m not as much as excited as before because the story in the manga is way more advanced. I love how the characters progress and the many twist of events happening in the story. I mean, what is in store for humans? Why are the Titans existing as well?

Attack on Titan has a new episode every Sunday 7:00 in the morning. You can catch it online, not sure where it was originally being aired (I forgot). It’s a must watch!

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