Can you already feel the heat? Well I can! March has finally started, other than it being my birth month it is also marked on the calendar as the start of “summer time”.

What do you want to wear this summer?

What do you want to wear this summer?

As much as we’d like to cover up with fab clothes though, we might want to be very careful in picking our summer wear or summer outfits. The less clothes, the better because honestly, would you wear a scarf on a hot sweaty day? No way!

So what’s ideal to wear during summer is:

1. Skirts and dresses (like that on the picture above from

– To tell you honestly, I wear it even on non-summer-days because I find it easier to move with this kind of outfit. You can pair it to any tops, any t-shirt, and even sandos (then wear a jacket – if it’s cold season) You just need to make sure to wear cycling shorts too! You don’t want everybody seeing everything of you inside lol.

2. Slipper-type-footwear or Sandals

– Who would want to wear closed shoes on a sunny day! It would be a pain for your feet. It’s better to wear sandals or even go barefoot (when on the beach). You can just choose the decorative flip-flops or so if you want to stay fashionable.

Go with pink!

Go with pink!

Available at

3. Shorts

– Second to skirts, I think they are the most possible outfit for summer. They can be paired with any top outfits as well. Just be careful when doing activities as you may not be able to protect yourself from getting scratches since they’re indeed, short haha!

Fun in the beach with a cute shorts!

Fun in the beach with a cute shorts!


Well, that’s for now. I will share about what you shouldn’t wear on summer next time :)


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