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A friend from my OJT days introduced me to The Vampire Knight. I remember she also told me how awesome Clannad is (however, I stopped watching this after Fuko Ibuki’s episode, which is pretty much, part of the first episodes).

At that time, I was into reading manga on my iPod where I let her borrow it after I found The Vampire Knight manga. I didn’t actually read it, but she did because apparently it had more chapters than the anime. She has never been so wrong!

The Vampire Knight

The Vampire Knight {c} fanpop.com

That is, because I finally gave this anime a shot despite my worries that it would be too corny or something (I don’t have a thing for vampires, sorry,ugh, except Orange Marmalade too). Then, that was when I found out the anime is really short compared to the manga despite the two seasons it has already released (or am I missing something?)

First Impressions

To tell you the truth I wasn’t that much into it for the first episodes, I was very impatient to what will actually happen to Yuki Cross because it seemed so long to happen!


It’s about vampires and humans. Some are trying their best to create balance with the two despite the vampire hunters and vampires who kill that exist in human world. It focuses on a girl named Yuki Cross who was saved by a vampire whom she admired ever since but feels scared that he might not accept her feelings knowing he’s a “great” vampire. But there’s so much more after watching it, so many secrets are to unfold.


Yes, I was bored with the few first episodes but the next ones really blew me away (other than the too much story telling and mushy-ness) so to me, this anime is worth the shot! It’s a 8/10 to me. Reminds me, I haven’t finished the manga yet! :P

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