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Watamote short of Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! is based on a manga with the same title – and it just ended recently. Having 12 episodes, it was quite short and the ending was not really the ending you would ever want.

Tomoko Kuroki {egmnow.com}

Tomoko Kuroki {egmnow.com}

This anime is about Tomoko Kuroki, a girl who is good in dating and relationships…in games, specifically Otome Game World. This high school girl suddenly realise she has to do something about her being a shut-in and she needs to have a boyfriend or at least, to become friends with anyone. However, every time she does she just fails and again.

First Impressions:

next scene is where the caption says...

next scene is where the caption says…”I’m so happy”

The picture above is the only reason I watched this anime. After a friend asked me what anime it was on a post at 9gag that I shared, I found in the comments section the title and looked for it online. I didn’t actually think it was indeed an anime! The first episodes were quite hilarious and it was good.


Tomoko Kuroki wants to become popular, not only in Otome Game World but also in the real world. Every time, she tries a plan that always end up wrong. This doesn’t stop her though as she has more diabolical plans in mind but will this ever work?


I’ll give it a 7/10. Basically, I had high hopes that Tomoko will level up as a person like Sawako of Kimi ni Todoke since like her, she was quiet and she seemed to have something in mind only no one is reaching out for her. But as the story went by I slowly lost hope because even her knows the reason why nothing is happening but it keeps happening anyway. Although I would point out that I liked some parts especially when Tomoko mentioned Another, Kimi ni Todoke and there were also scenes were anime like K-On and other famous ones were re-enacted as part of jokes.

In a sense though, this anime is realistic than any other anime. Some people go through this kind of trouble, I myself can relate because right now I’m not really your talkative officemate in our office very much like Tomoko is, although I try to talk to a few who are close. It makes everyone aware that maybe, someone out there needs to be reached out since they can’t reach us on their own.

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8 responses to “Watamote”

  1. This girl sounds a lot like me! I’m good in interacting with people online but I’m totally opposite once we met in the offline world. However, I like her perseverance to change that. 12 episodes only? It’s a bit short, I agree but I think I will prefer that over Anime with 300+ episodes (or something like Detective conan which I think will go on forever).
    Nocturnal Reader recently posted…The OutsideMy Profile

  2. Mei says:

    Haha natawa ko nung sa games lang sya magaling makipagdate. Haha.

    Ang ikli naman, 12 episodes. Baka naman di pa tapos. I mean, baka may next episodes pa. Di pa ending yung ending talaga. Haha. Penge nga copy nito! Kahit di ako makarelate, matatapos ko agad to kasi konti lang episodes hahaha
    Mei recently posted…The Happy ListMy Profile

  3. April says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I would probably watch this if I want something light to watch. Looks like it will give me a good laugh.
    April recently posted…Trick or TreatMy Profile

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